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And the Story Continues.

Aaand we were sold out.  Yes, It was unbelievable.  At that point, profitability wasn't even a concern for us. I just wanted t see if it works.  I didn't know it is called Finding the Product Market Fit in Today's Entrepreneurship Dictionary.  So this all was happening while I was in college, so there wasn't much I could do on ground. By that, I mean finding more vendors, improving Quality, Packaging and more.  But that made me realize that even if you are not physically present, things can still be managed ( If you have an amazing support, which I always had).  I would come home on weekends and schedule meetings with NGO's or other potential clients and see if...

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The Indian Startup Story - Reusable Notebooks By Bhasadh.

It all started because I was scolded often. I am serious, The Goofy Store India (Bhasadh) started because I was scolded for having so many notebooks piled up during my Class XI -XII Preparations. Total Nerd I was. Loved Physics and Mathematics and would practice tons of questions regularly only to create a huge pile of notebooks which I would never look at again.  But I was attached to them, it was all my hard work for two years.  Fast forward to my second year of Engineering ( the Best Year and The Worst Academic Year, for Every Engineer), I came home from hostel and was cleaning the room, I couldn't neglect the pile anymore, had to clean it.  Finally decided...

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